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songvoo is a companion for your music collection and iPod app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It displays in a large, readable font, the song title and artist of the current playing song.

The intuitive controls of songvoo let you go to the next track with a double-tap or swipe to the screen, or go to the previous track with a triple-tap or an arrow gesture. You can also play/pause with a single-tap of your finger! These intuitive controls work great no matter what your orientation is to the screen, like when it is in an armband, or if you are driving.

songvoo also shows elapsed and remaining time for the currently playing track, along with a slider you can use to skip sections or replay a certain part

songvoo looks GREAT in your car-mount or speaker dock! It even responds to all external remote controls like next song, previous song, pause, and play!

You can also personalize songvoo in the settings application! Change font, colors, background image, or enable the SHAKE TO RANDOMIZE feature and set these automatically! (When you find a theme you like, disable the randomizer to SAVE IT!)

The large, easy-to-read display lets you know at a glance exactly what song is playing and who the artist is. No matter if you are driving, jogging, or separated from your device by a large room, you will be able to easily read the giant text readout.

songvoo also lets you choose a new playlist or songs from your iPod library at any time.

Not only is songvoo Great for the casual user, but also great for music Professionals: Club DJs, Radio Station Managers, Record Companies, A&R Executives, Collectors, Music Supervisors, Podcast Producers, MP3 Bloggers, Disc Jockeys, Anyone who has a large constantly changing music collection that the need to stay on top of. Many of your tracks have all their metadata all in the title field?? No album art for that unreleased track in your collection? No problem for songvoo! It still looks great and is easy to read!

OUT NOW: songvoo 1.6.0 with these features: More Backgrounds 3X! More Fonts 3X! More Colors 3X! New Intro/Outro Skip setting! New Gestures! Facebook Integration! Loop, Shuffle options! Song Info Screen! Landscape Mode! Custom Backgrounds or camera BG! Twitter integration with auto-tweet! Go get it on the iTunes App Store!

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